This site showcases the work of the 2014 Historic Preservation Planning Laboratory at the University of Mary Washington. The course syllabus can be found here (in infographic format, of course!)

What is an infographic?

Historic example: the famous Minard Map

Wanna know why this infographic is so special? Check it out.

Students in the course

Cheryl Beckwith
Leigh Hamilton
Lauren Holt
Tasha Horton
Garrett “Gare-Bear” Hulfish
Phoebe McDermott
Sarah Mendelsohn
Danielle Payne
Madeleine Rhondeau
John Settle
Rebecca Smith
Stephanie Thull
Carol Vinatieri
Christine Zale

Interested in using one of our infographics? No problem! Please contact Andréa Livi Smith to ask. Incidentally, Dr. Smith is the instructor for this course.

If you are lazy and just want to use our infographics informally, that’s ok too. Feel free to use them, but NOTE THE AUTHORSHIP! Thanks!

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